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Mos Generator - "Exiles" 12" Vinyl

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Image of Mos Generator - "Exiles" 12" Vinyl
  • Image of Mos Generator - "Exiles" 12" Vinyl
  • Image of Mos Generator - "Exiles" 12" Vinyl
  • Image of Mos Generator - "Exiles" 12" Vinyl
  • Image of Mos Generator - "Exiles" 12" Vinyl

Mos Generator “Exiles”

Side A
1. Twelve Psychics 03:49
2. Battah (Featuring Bob Balch) 03:42
3. The Lady Vanishes 05:05

Side B
4. Light up the Sky (Van Halen Cover) 03:09
5. Air Dance (Black Sabbath Cover) 05:19
6. Anthem (Rush Cover) 04:31

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Wax Mage;
12" Hand Made One of a Kind Wax Mage Version of "Exiles"
Random Stickers
Digital Download

Die Hard Version;
Metallic Mix Cherry Bomb 12" Vinyl
2' x 3' Mos G/Glory or Death Tapestry
Mega Mos G/Glory or Death Sticker Pack
Digital Download

Transparent/Clearwater Blue 12" Vinyl Mos Generator - "Exiles";
Transparent/Clearwater Blue 12" Vinyl
Random Stickers
Digital Download

Transparent/Clear 12" Vinyl Mos Generator - "Exiles";
Transparent/Clear 12" Vinyl
Digital Download

Side A of this release is a collection of outtakes from our last album Shadowlands. “Twelve Psychics” which was pulled from Shadowlands at the eleventh hour, and “Battah”, show a more metal side to our writing which is usually represented by at least one song on each of our albums. The third track on side A is an alternate version of a song from Shadowlands called Woman Song. “The Lady Vanishes” is an extended (and at times drastically different) version of the track that made it on the album. I think I prefer this version and I’m not sure why I put the edit on the final tracklisting for Shadowlands.
Side B is comprised of three covers we recorded over the last few years. The first is a song from Van Halen II. This is my favorite VH song and I’m very happy with how it came out. Next up is “Air Dance” by Black Sabbath. I really enjoy the Never Say Die album and although it doesn’t fall into the classic Sab album lineup, it has a lot to offer as a unique and diverse album. We’ve done a lot of Sabbath covers over the years and this was by far the most challenging. Last on side B is “Anthem” by Rush. Sometimes I think Rush get overlooked as being a powerhouse heavy rock band and I think Anthem is the proof. This a our first live performance of it from Vancouver BC 2016.
- Reed, August 2019